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Umbrella Bubbler
Cap adj. 0 - 10 gph
0 - 18" radius
Inlet: barbed, threaded or 6" stake
Rain Bird XPCN Nozzles
Cap adj.: flat spray 2.5', up spray 4'
Quarter 7.4 gph, Half 13.7 gph, Full 27.3 gph
Pressure compensating nozzles maintain flow and distance between pressure range 20 - 50 psi. Best use: gardens, flower beds, ground cover. Nozzles fit on standard pop up spray or special 1/4" riser adapter.
XPCN Full, Half & Quarter Nozzle
XPCNADP12 12" riser

Pressure Compensating Emitters
provides uniform output over a range of pressure 10 - 30 psi.
Available in 1/2, 1 & 2 gph (gallons per hour)
Turbulent Flow Emitters (aka take apart or Flag emitters) Discharge increases with pressure approximately 25% between 10 to 30 psi.
Available in 1, 2 & 4 gph (gallons per hour)
Inline Emitters
May be strung together with 1/4" tubing at different intervals.
Available in 1/2, 1 & 2 gph
1/4" In-Line Emitter Tube
1/2 gph drip emitters are spaced every 6" within the tubing, 100' coils. Maximum continuous run from 1/2" drip tube is 19 feet. Best use: garden rowns, densely planted shrubs, small fruit or onramental trees.
Rain Bird 1/2" Drip Line
.9 gph drip emitters are spaced every 12" within the tubing, 100' and 500' coils. Maximum continuous run at 25 psi is 171'.
Outside diameter is .630"
Easy Fit Compression Fittings

Rain Bird has developed an easy compression fitting system that greatly reduces the pressure needed to compress the tubing into fitting. The MDCF fittings will accept either .710" or .630" outside diameter tubing. This means that you can easily transition from the black solid drip tubing to the in-line tubing without special insert fittings.
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Click Tif Emitters
Integrated check valve prevents leak through after the valve has shut off. Pressure compensating. Available in 1/2, 1 & 2 gph
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